Banjanan is a women's fashion label designed by Caroline Weller. Banjanan design is feminine, modern shapes featuring proprietary print designs using bold colors applied with traditional hand block printing techniques. Banjanan is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

BANJANAN  By Caroline Weller

Derived from the Hindi “Banjaran”: ‘bohemian’, ‘nomad’, ‘wanderer’, ‘traveler’, ‘roamer’. The brand is based in Jaipur, the capital of majestic Rajasthan in India.

Banjanan is dedicated to supporting and sustaining our local textile community. With skilled artisanal craftsman in India as partners, every piece in the collection draws on the artisan’s unique expertise and generations of experience. The result is a collection of hand made embroidery and prints impossible to recreate by machine.  Modern Heirlooms!

Embroidered, Printed, Produced within a 5-kilometer radius. Designed to roam the world.  




Every effort is made to be mindful of the effects our production has on the environment.


As a local, there are a lot of advantages in working locally too. Working locally with craftsmen is our design mantra. My craftsmen and factories are small, family run and practice responsible manufacturing with fair wages. Wherever possible, fabrics are sourced locally for printing and embroidery. This leads to a much shorter supply chain and carbon footprint, and complete transparency in our manufacturing process. It also leads to consistent quality control and close relationships between our partners. We grow together which is empowering for everyone. 


Our craft practices are fully sustainable. With our partners we maintain consistent employment for skilled workers whose craft has been handed down to them for generations. We practice conscious production, and where possible, work with eco friendly printing facilities practicing sustainable water management. This includes water harvesting, wastewater management and filtration. We are working towards full use of ETP and STP water processing in 100% of our printing processes. Our print colors are AZO free, as AZO dyes used in textile processing are know to be harmful to the environment. Not all of our base fabrics are produced using sustainable practices, but our aim is to increase the amount of fabric we use that is produced using better and less polluting manufacturing processes. In an effort to reduce waste associated with production, we up-cycle our printed fabrics from past seasons in innovative ways. 

See if you can spot them!

Banjanan Emboidery.jpg



Whenever possible, we ship directly to you from our factory in India.  This reduces our carbon footprint, and packaging materials by half!  It also makes our delivery times quicker and more flexible. We are working with our couriers to participate in carbon neutral shipping.


Your items shipped direct from India are packaged in an innovative and traditional Indian way. A hand sewn fabric envelope, with your address hand written on the front. We use repurposed or recycled fabrics to make these packages. We are locally sourcing garment poly bags that are fully biodegradable to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste. Garment hang-tags are made from recycled paper products. 


Shopping via E-Commerce has approximately 30% less energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to traditional retail.  

Happy Shopping.  Happy World!